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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Status Complainant/Reporter Subject Entity/Laboratory Forensic Discipline(s)sort descending Disposition/Final Report
1115.15.13 Closed Angella Nickerson for Raphael Holiday Dr. John DeHaan Arson L_Nickerson re Dismissal 092915.pdf
1037.11.04 Closed Rojean Gibson Waco Fire Department Arson L_Gibson re disposition 091911.pdf
1000.09.01 Closed Willingham/Willis Tx State Fire Marshall Corsicana Arson Willis Willingham Final Report and Addendum 020416.pdf
1048.11.14 Closed Jose G. Castillo Edna, Texas Fire Department Arson F_Castillo Disposition 031312.pdf
17.14 Open William Mark Gibson Jerry Hawk (Waco Fire Marshal) Arson
1007.09.11 Closed Jerry Don Hartless Lufkin ME Autopsy L_Disp_Hartless_021109.pdf
1187.16.62 Closed Derrick L. Griffin Dr. James Bruce Autopsy L_to Griffin re Dismissal 11142016.pdf
1014.09.20 Closed Cynthia Robinson SWIFS Autopsy L_Disp_Robinson_051710.pdf
1021.10.21 Closed Charles Cupp Harris County ME Autopsy L_Disp_Cupp_080410.pdf
1195.16.70 Closed Travis Dale Gray SWIFS Autopsy L_to Gray re Disposition 01182017.pdf
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