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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Status Complainant/Reporter Subject Entity/Laboratorysort descending Forensic Discipline(s) Disposition/Final Report
1138.16.13 Closed Laura Jenkins for Roy Adams, Jr. Alpert; Peerwani; Garland PD Blood Alcohol DL_to Jenkins 05272016.pdf
17.11 Closed Michael Aaron Jayne APD Crime Lab Fingerprints/DNA L_to Jayne re case status 03102017.pdf
1190.16.65 Closed Debra Stephens APD Crime Lab Blood Alcohol L_Stephens re disposition 022417.pdf
2012.15.02 Closed APD APD Crime Lab Crime Scene Reporting L_APD re disposition 022216.pdf
1050.12.01 Closed Debra Stephens APD Crime Lab Controlled substance APDFinalReport102312.pdf
1024.10.25 Closed Cecily Hamilton Austin PD Crime Lab Quality Assurance TFSC Final Report_Hamilton_09082011.pdf
1119.15.17 Closed Debra Stephens Austin PD Crime Lab Controlled Substance DL_to Stephens 03152016.pdf
1041.11.07 Closed Debra Stephens Austin PD Crime Lab Quality Assurance APDFinalReport102312.pdf
2018.16.01 Closed Lab Director Austin PD Crime Lab Serial number restoration L_Gibbens APD re disposition 101916.pdf
1171.16.46 To DNA Review Donald Aekins Austin PD Crime LabD DNA L_to Aekins 08192016.pdf
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