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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Statussort descending Complainant/Reporter Subject Entity/Laboratory Forensic Discipline(s) Disposition/Final Report
1052.12.05 Closed Anthony Melendez McClennan Co., TX;-Forensic Science Assoc. of California DNA DF_ Melendez 09062012.pdf
1149.16.24 Closed Paulo de la Rosa Children's Medical Center of Dallas Physical Examination DL_De la rosa 080916.pdf
1102.14.22 Closed Gregory Bowman NMS Lab, PA Autopsy; blood assay L_Bowman re disposition 021315.pdf
1007.09.11 Closed Jerry Don Hartless Lufkin ME Autopsy L_Disp_Hartless_021109.pdf
1136.16.11 Closed Leonard Charles Hicks Child Assessment Center, Houston Forensic Interview DL_to Hicks 04202016 .pdf
1180.16.55 Closed Gilbert Carrizales Children's Hospital of Corpus Christi Physical Examination L_to Carrizales re Disposition 10262016.pdf
1055.12.04 Closed Jackie Wilson DPS - Houston DNA DF_Wilson Dismissal .pdf
1150.16.25 Closed Greg McCain Dr. Leah Lamb Physical Examination DL_McCain 080916.pdf
1103.15.01 Closed Sharieff H. Dean Orchid Cellmark DNA; fingerprints Disp_Letter(2)_Dean_061115.pdf
1008.09.12 Closed Eustorgio Resendez Hidalgo County ME Autopsy; Serology L_Disp_Resendez_04302009.pdf
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