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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Status Complainant/Reportersort descending Subject Entity/Laboratory Forensic Discipline(s) Disposition/Final Report
17.37 Closed Ava Newman for Akinthia C. O'Bryant National Screening Center DNA (Paternity) DL_to Newman re Dismissal 06082017.pdf
1078.13.12 Closed Barton Ray Gaines Ft. Worth PD Forensic Science Lab Firearms/Toolmarks L_Disposition Gaines 06242015.pdf
17.35 Closed Benjamin James Patterson DPS Waco DNA DL_to Patterson 09202017.pdf
17.16 Closed Billy Joe Booker Integrated Forensic Labs (IFL) Blood Alcohol DL_to Booker re Dismissal 06212017.pdf
1192.16.66 Referred to DNA Team Billy Ray Bennett Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences DNA L_to Bennett re DNA Referral 01072017.pdf
17.19 Closed Blake Allen Thain Harris County Sheriff's Department Ballistics/Firearms/Tool Marks DL_to Thain re Dismissal 06212017.pdf
17.39 Closed Brandon Morgan Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences (HCIFS) Toxicology DL_to Morgan 07122017.pdf
1042.11.08 Closed Brian W. Devening Forensic DNA & Drug Testing Services, Inc. Toxicology; Autopsy DF_Devening 10122011.pdf
1179.16.54 Closed Britney Gulley Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences Firearms/Tool Marks DL_to Young re Dismissal 09182017.pdf
17.07 Closed Bronwen Turner Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences None Specified DL_to Turner 07112017.pdf
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