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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Statussort descending Complainant/Reporter Subject Entity/Laboratory Forensic Discipline(s) Disposition/Final Report
1088.14.08 Closed Frank Blazek for Joshua Ragston Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (SWIFS) Firearms/Toolmarks FR_Blazek for Ragston 04192016.pdf
1175.16.50 Closed Ronald David Ludwig P.I. John O'Neal/DPS Austin Firearms/Toolmarks L_Ludwig disposition 022217.pdf
1002.09.03 Closed Robert J. Seitz Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (SWIFS) Serology; Firearms/Toolmarks 2008-10-13_Disp_Letter_Seitz.pdf
17.44 Closed Laboratory Manager DPS Tyler Seized Drugs
1131.16.06 Closed Lawrence James, Jr. DPS Houston DNA DL_to James 03162016.pdf
1178.16.53 Closed De'Voderick Jones Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (SWIFS) DNA DL_Jones 022217.pdf
1048.11.14 Closed Jose G. Castillo Edna, Texas Fire Department Arson F_Castillo Disposition 031312.pdf
1146.16.21 Closed Juan A. Moreno University Health System (San Antonio) DNA DL_Moreno 080916.pdf
1089.14.09 Closed Richard E. Gambles DPS Lubbock Judicial Misconduct Disp_Letter_Gambles_062415.pdf
1176.16.51 Closed David Gonzales DPS Austin Serology/DNA L_to Gonzales re dismissal and CAPDS 11142016.pdf
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