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Complaint Status/Disposition Reports

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FSC Case/File No. Statussort descending Complainant/Reporter Subject Entity/Laboratory Forensic Discipline(s) Disposition/Final Report
1072.13.07 Closed Iran Hawkins DPS Garland Controlled Substance DispLet_Hawkins 051415.pdf
1193.16.68 Closed Thomas Moreland University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC); DPS Houston DNA L_to Moreland re disposition 01102017.pdf
1164.16.39 Closed Del Ray Sanders DPS Houston Hair, Trace, Blood DL_Sanders 080916.pdf
17.27 Closed DPS Midland DPS Midland Barcodes NFAL to DPS Midland 06092017.pdf
1029.10.27 Closed Sonia Cacy Bexar Co Medical Examiner Gas Chromotography L_IPOT re Dismissal 09192011.pdf
2010.14.09 Closed DPS El Paso DPS El Paso Controlled substance L_DPS re disposition 021315.pdf
1073.13.08 Closed Che Hutchinson DPS Abilene Controlled Substance Disp_Letter_110613_Hutchinson.pdf
1194.16.69 Closed Dylyn Richards DPS Garland Blood Alcohol L_to Richards re Tech Review 10202017.pdf
1118.15.16 Closed Mario L. Cockerham Southeast Texas Forensic Science Center (defunct) Autopsy; dog scent lineup DL_Cockerham 030116.pdf
1033.10.28 Closed Luis A. Luera Unknown Tarrant Co. Hair/DNA L_Luera re dismissal 01312011.pdf
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